Weep screed is a type of flashing installed at the base of an exterior stucco wall. It serves to keep moisture away from the framing of the walls. Typical screed is made from galvanized steel, but can be constructed out of copper to create a tougher, more resistant, flashing. It has a vertical flange (at least 3.5”) with holes for nailing as well as a v-shaped edge that protrudes from the bottom of the vertical flange. The v-shaped edge has holes built in to allow the moisture to escape.

It is installed directly to the wood panels or studs of a framed wall at the base where it meets the foundation. It is attached with nails along the 3.5” flange. Asphalt coated waterproofing paper (60-minute paper) is then layered on top of the vertical flange of the weep. The weep screed should be installed at least 2” above a paved surface and at least 4” above a grade surface.

Properly performing weep screed will keep excessive moisture from pooling at the base of the stucco, which leads to possible wood damage, rot, mold, and other problems. If the weep screed becomes rusty, brittle, weep holes become clogged or damaged from an outside force, it may be time to get it replaced.

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