Stucco Fog Coat is a cementitious coating that is sprayed onto new or older stucco to even out color variations or refresh the look of stucco. Fogging is an effective and affordable alternative to painting stucco. The fog coat is applied using an airless sprayer with a specialized tip. The coat is evenly spread across the stucco’d surface. The fog coat cures out and becomes part of the original color coat. It is recommended to avoid applying a coat to painted surfaces, metal, sealed wood, or smooth surfaces.

If you are looking to update the look of your stucco, but don’t want to seal it with paint, a fog coat may be your best option. It bonds to the original stucco color coat and allows vapor and moisture to release through the stucco. Fogging is easier and cheaper than re-stuccoing and often times is recommended for smaller areas.

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