When to call a stucco contractor

Stucco Boy takes great pride in its complete patching services. We specialize in difficult patches, water proofing and superior texture matching. The most important step in any stucco patch is the water proofing. Our trained technicians always make sure each patch is properly flashed, lathed and water proofed prior to applying the finish coats. With over twenty years in window and door stucco patches no one beats our water proofing or texture matches.

Stucco Patching Windows

Window Patching

Patching stucco around your windows

Proper window patching requires chipping back existing stucco from around the window to expose the asphalt coated waterproofing paper and lath wire. In some cases, proper window flashings are installed to prevent water from entering your home – adding an extra barrier of protection from heavy rain and hail.

Window flashings must be installed behind the 60 minute paper so water drains through the weep screed at the bottom of the wall. A proper stucco patch job done by a skilled professional means your stucco is less likely to crack and decreases the chance of water leaks significantly. Our expert lathers have years of experience patching windows on commercial and residential jobs and they are pros at matching existing textures and colors.