Stucco Repair

About repairing cracked stucco

Stucco repair can be a tricky endeavor, while small cracks in your exterior stucco can be patch pretty easily on your own other larger cracks can cause more extensive repairs down the line if not dealt with them properly. To repair stucco on your own, you can use any number of commercially sold products but to remedy larger gouges and holes you need expert professionals.

If the crack is vertical, such as from the base to the window or from the roof to the door, there could be a problem with the foundation of the home. If you notice vertical cracks, brown streaks near your windows, stucco cracks larger than 1/8″, bulging on stucco walls, or white chalking, then you should consider contacting Stucco Boy to repair and replace any of your home’s damaged stucco. Our stucco professionals are very knowledgeable and will work alongside you to determine what services your home needs.

Smooth stucco repair


And the winner is…

After you’ve made minor repairs to cracks on your stucco, you may be feeling the need to paint over the repair work. However, before deciding to paint over the cracks consider this.

Fog Coat is a cement-based finish that is designed to patch, refresh and re-color exterior stucco walls. Fog Coat is superior to paint when it comes to refreshing stucco because unlike paint, a Fog Coat lets the stucco breathe. With paint, moisture is sealed in, potentially causing mold and mildew to grow behind the walls of your home.

With Fog Coat, homeowners can repair unwanted cracks in their stucco without painting or completely re-stuccoing the entire wall. It’s an affordable, practical option with superior results compared to other stucco finishing methods.


Stucco repair and reapplication is labor intensive and requires experience in correct stucco application techniques. Stucco can be a very economical long term siding solution if surfaces have been prepared correctly and the stucco is applied per the manufacturing specifications. Don’t settle for a handyman. Let the stucco experts at Stucco Boy fix your stucco problems.

Types of Stucco Finishes & Textures

Nobody takes more pride in their custom finishes than Stucco Boy. From multi-colored Venetian finishes to complex mission style finishes, Stucco Boy can match or duplicate any texture imaginable.

Stucco Boy’s signature finish is called “the trowel down.” This can be applied over any preexisting stucco finish with proper preparation. This is a cost-efficient way to create a new, timeless look for your home. Stucco Boy has several years of experience in window and door patches, from new custom homes to early 1900’s vintage homes. No patch, stucco finish, or color is too difficult for the experienced crews at Stucco Boy.


Most popular choice

A smooth stucco finish, also known as a fine cement based finish, is one of the most difficult textures to achieve and is also the most popular among homeowners because it’s easiest to clean and offers a finish closest to looking like a painted home. Smooth finishes can be customized by adding different colors to get a “mottled look” leading to …


Semi-Smooth Irregular Texture

Often confused with a smooth finish, a Santa Barbara stucco finish is formulated to achieve a semi-smooth, irregular texture similar to the early California adobe style buildings. To achieve it’s unique texture, the brown coat is not flat like in the smooth coat, giving it depth, character and elegance. Depending on the materials used …


Most Common Stucco Finish on Homes

The lace finish is the most common found on homes and is usually what people think of when they think of stucco. This texture can hide many imperfections and is great for virtually any application, residential or commercial. Lace texture finishes have more visual appeal with a look similar to an ornate lace pattern. This texture can be …


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