For this project, Escapade Circle, stucco was needed because it was a new construction house and the homeowners wanted to make sure they had a house with more clean lines.  The homeowners wanted an elegant look for their new home but they also wanted to add character and charm.

Smooth stucco gave them both; when applied correctly smooth stucco looks like paint because it has a fine cement base finish.  This type of stucco gave the house an elegant look that is also modern and timeless.  The color contributed to this as well, by choosing a light color the homeowners brighten the home.

Hardscape Concepts helped us with the stone veneer needed for the face of the house; the homeowners wanted a unique look and we accomplished that by installing the stones on the pillars to blend in with the color of the stucco.

The end result of this project is a stunning house, elegant and modern with a touch of uniqueness.