Burnham Circle

Burnham Circle project was acomplished by collaborating with design studio Satin and Slate Interiors. The design studio provided Stucco Boy with drawings and 3D renderings of how the new facade would look.

3D renderings are very useful because it gives the general contractor an image of how the design is going to look once the construction is done.  The mini model of Burnham Circle helped Stucco Boy know exactly the characteristics the homeowners wanted to add to the home’s facade.

The modern look emphasized straight, clean lines on the roof which could make the house look cold and uninviting but the elegant lines are complemented with sophisticated arches for doors and windows to infuse the necessary curvature in the structure to make the home feel cozy and inviting. In this facade, the arches are the focus point of the home but they do not take away from the modern style of the newly changed facade.