Your Business Is Appreciated

“Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company. I am a proud business owner who takes great pride in my company and the finished product it creates. As a working owner and a perfectionist, I am at your home/office/building to ensure each job is done to Builder Boy’s high standard. Born in Southern California and a Long Beach resident, I have a great appreciation for California style homes, from older style mission homes to modern contemporary. As a general contractor, I am licensed and skilled to perform all aspects of work on your home, however, my specialty is creating a finished product with great color selection and design ideas.”

Jereme James

Founder, Builder Boy


A History Of Renovation

Builder Boy’s founder, Jereme James, grew up in a historical 18th century home, where he learned the difficult arts of building, painting, maintaining, and upgrading houses while keeping their classic styles and personalities intact. He started the Builder Boy family of companies in 1994 to ensure that for any improvement job at any Southern California home, office, or commercial business, the right team of professional, passionate experts could be summoned with just one phone call. Several years later, we look back with pride at the thousands of homes and businesses we have restored, remodeled, updated, and beautified. Builder Boy has been so successful because we provide what no one else does: an easy, stress-free way to do any renovating, or to get anything built that you can imagine.